LTA Advantage Wimbledon Ballot

Allocation for Wimbledon tickets has changed. The club will no longer receive an allocation but all members are eligible to opt in to the LTA Advantage Wimbledon Ballot. You may have received an email from the LTA regarding this in the last week.   You need to Opt in before 4th February 2022.

It’s very simple to do.   

  1. Sign into your LTA Advantage account: if you haven’t got an Advantage account (British Tennis Membership) it’s very simple to set up and must link the account to the LGLTC. You can join HERE
  2. Once you have an account and are logged, in your personal home page will allow you to opt in under the Wimbledon Ballot 2022 option. You will see an LTA Wimbledon Ballot Opt In button on the right of the screen, once you have clicked through.  

Here’s the criteria to enter the ballot – An Advantage Member can become eligible for the LTA Advantage Wimbledon Ballot if:

  • They join, renew or upgrade to an eligible Advantage tier before 23.59 on 28 February 2022.
  • To access a ballot eligible Advantage tier, they must either:
    • If new to Advantage, join as a Compete, Fan+ or Play+ member before 23.59 on 28 February 2022.
    • If already an Advantage member, follow the Compete or Fan+ upgrade payment process before 23.59 on 28 February 2022.
    • Become a Play+ member before 23.59 on 28 February 2022 by:
    • Joining an LTA registered venue and linking the venue within your Advantage online account.
    • Already be linked to a registered venue so can be moved to Play+ tier from an expired Compete or Fan+ tier.
    • Must be completed before 23.59 on 28 February 2022.      

There are two other ballots as follows:

LTA Coaches Wimbledon Ballot

The LTA Coaches Wimbledon ballot is a centralised ballot for Accredited+ Coaches, offering them the chance to attend The Championships. In order to access the LTA Coaches Wimbledon ballot, you must be an Accredited+ Coach and Opt In to the ballot, through your online Advantage area, during the Opt In window. For 2022, this will open early in the New Year, with all Accredited+ Coaches being notified when this is open.

Coaching team don’t miss out here!

LTA Venue Volunteer Wimbledon Ballot

New for 2022 the LTA Venue Volunteer Wimbledon ballot is for venue volunteers, offering them the chance to attend The Championships. In order to access the LTA Venue Volunteer Wimbledon ballot, you must be an Advantage member, linked to your venue as a volunteer and Opt In to the ballot, through your online Advantage area, during the Opt In window. We will be registering all our committee members. This is another great reason to become an LGLTC volunteer – remember we are currently looking for more members for our bar team.

The criteria above from the LTA website states that you have to be an Advantage member by 28th February but the ‘Opt In’ states that you need to do this by 4th February.  So please make sure you have an Advantage membership and have ‘Opted In’ by 4th February.  Good luck in the 2022 draw!

Membership Renewal

You will have received an email with your membership renewal details in the last few days. To renew your membership, choose one of the following two methods:

  • Using our on-line membership account – Sort Code: 40-24-07 Account number: 51621289. If paying online, please put your full name as a reference
  • By cheque for the amount shown below
  • Please do not use PayPal as this facility is not cost effective for the club.

All you need to do is make payment and ensure that you complete the form and place this in the silver membership/suggestion box in the clubhouse (in the middle of the court facing windows). 

Please ensure payment is made by 31st March 2022 to continue your membership for 2022/23. Anyone who has not paid by 31st March will no longer be a member and will be unable to use the club facilities. There will be a late payment charge added to your membership if payment is paid after the deadline.

For any queries please contact Tracey Dalmon at [email protected].

We look forward to seeing you at the club very soon.

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