Court Etiquette

  • Spectators are not allowed on court and they should remain behind the fences
  • If you do need to walk behind or alongside a court whilst a match is in progress, wait until the point is finished and then move as quickly as possible.
  • Do not walk on court or behind people playing as this is both dangerous and distracting to players.
  • Do not attempt to retrieve balls from an adjacent court if the players are in the middle of a point.
  • Foul language and racket abuse will NOT be tolerated.
  • Courts should be booked using the ClubSpark Booker app and floodlights paid for using the app.
  • Please show respect to visitors and new members who may not be as aware of any distractions their presence around court might cause.

Court Care

It is important that we ALL take some responsibility for the care and maintenance of the courts; this will extend their playing life.

The clay courts should be dragged at the end of play. Please do not play on these courts if they are too wet. If the courts are very dry please use the irrigation system before commencing play (a member of the Exec or coaching team will be able to show you how it works). If you are unsure whether the courts are playable, please ask. There is a line brush available in the club house, please use when necessary and return to the clubhouse. If the line tapes come up or the courts get uneven or rutted, even after dragging, please report this to the Groundsman / Head of Facilities as soon as possible.

Please do not leave empty cans and other rubbish on the courts, please use the bins provided.

Glasses and glass bottles should NOT be taken onto court at any time.

Court Availability

Leverstock Green Tennis Club is a very active club, and with the high number of matches (both tournament and friendly) we have introduced a court booking system using the ClubSpark Booker app or online here:-

The Playing Committee continues to regularly review court allocation with the aim of ensuring that the availability of courts is fairly spread across all areas of the membership; with new non-team playing members and team players alike having opportunities to play.

Additionally, each Spring, planned maintenance of the clay courts takes place. We try to schedule this maintenance to cause the least amount of disruption, but with such an active and busy club, inevitably there is some impact on court availability during this time.

Please remember that you need to book a court before you commence playing.